Secure your Tack in Style

The Choice of Champions

In three short years Flexi Equine Tack Lockers have grown to become the Choice of Champions. With equestrians from all disciplines based around the world, from the USA to The UAE, Japan, to South America. We are proud to be a premier supplier to these most discerning and passionate sports women & men. For your past and continued patronage we extend our sincerest appreciation & best of luck to all during the 2015 season.

A Gamble Rewarded


While new to the engineering needs of the equestrian world, Flexi (Parent Company) are a long time established in fabrication and precision engineering as metal structural fabricators to the commercial building industry. Engineered specifications, precise measurements and bespoke solutions remain our stock in trade. It was the application of this level of detail, previously unseen in the Tack Locker Market that gave us the edge, the same edge our early and present day clients were sharp enough to spot.


An Invitation

We invite you to consider joining our growing number of professional riders , and by so doing experience for yourself what makes Flexi Equine the leading product in the world. From the lightest, most durable tack locker on the market (weighing 330lbs), to complete design services for personalizing lockers incorporating individual colour and logo options, and the  opportunity to promote your all important sponsors. We guarantee you will be delighted with the versatility, practicality and the benefits you will experience while travelling & preparing for trips, and ease of access to your tack which comes from owning a Flexi Tack Trunk.