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Our Specialty Range features a more personal and specific alternative to our Elite. Within this range we cater for the rider, groom, farrier and vet. 

 The Vertical XL

The Vertical XL is ideal for two horse trailers and easily accessible for the younger rider. We have three different models to suit various needs.

Eqlete B_Final-01.png

The stunning Vertical XL Elite Tack Locker was the choice of the Australian Equestrian Olympic team and the Equestrian Paralympic teams for 2012 and 2016, and 2020.

HEIGHT    1260mm (49.5”)
WIDTH        790mm (31”)
DEPTH        750mm (29.5”)
WEIGHT      80/90kg (177/199lbs)

The Hunter

Our new range for the Hunter market has been designed and tailored specifically to suit the needs of the Hunter market, built with functionality, security and visually appealing aesthetics.

Janet F_Final-01_edited.jpg

Having spoke to a number of Hunter Jumpers through the years, we have designed a new compact Trunk specifically to suit the needs of the Hunter market.
As every product in our range, this will assist all riders creating a safe and stress free journey while travelling to your events.

HEIGHT    1250mm (49.5”)
WIDTH      1040mm (41”)
DEPTH       650mm (25.5”)
WEIGHT     105kg (231lbs)

 The Stable & Grooming Box

The perfect stable accessory to go along with our Traditional Trunk and The Vertical XL and indeed our entire range.


The Stable & Grooming box can be personalized to match your existing locker or stable colours and logo. 

HEIGHT    580mm (23”)
WIDTH      580mm (23”)
DEPTH       350mm (14”)
WEIGHT     15kg (33lbs)

 The Bit Box

Fernie R_Final-01.jpg

The most sophisticated and secure way to store all your Bits. A built in swivel carousel that turns 360 degrees allows for the capacity to store in excess of 130 perfectly organised Bits

Designed with the additional benefit of an inner section with drawers and shelves and comes fully equipped with power and lights.

HEIGHT    1030mm (40.5”)
WIDTH      1000mm (39”)
DEPTH       670mm (26”)
WEIGHT     105kg (231.5lbs)

 The Bit Trunk


The Bit Trunk is a compact model of the Traditional Trunk and comes with a detachable bar- system that will hold up to 60 bits.

The optional application of a removable base trolley allows for easy mobility of the traditional trunk while retaining all of the high-quality finishing’s which is the hallmark of Flexi Equine.

HEIGHT    360mm (14”)
WIDTH      720mm (28”)
DEPTH       420mm (16.5”)
WEIGHT     50kg (110lbs)

 Traditional Trunk

While larger upright tack lockers have become more popular than the traditional trunks, we have incorporated new features to make the traditional trunk more travel friendly.


The optional application of a removable base trolley allows for easy mobility of the traditional trunk while retaining all of the traditional strength and storage in a more lightweight travelling capacity.

HEIGHT    700mm (27.5”)
WIDTH      1024mm (48.5”)
DEPTH       700mm (27.5”)
WEIGHT     70kg (155lbs)

 The Farrier Locker

Custom Farrier .jpg

The Farrier Locker has been designed to facilitate Heavy Farrier equipment and comes equipped with full 3 Phase/240 Volt Power Supply.

The strong robust locker can support a full range of all Farrier machinery. This can be modified and tailored specifically to suit each Farriers requirements.

HEIGHT    1850mm (73”)
WIDTH      1500mm (59”)
DEPTH       900mm (35.5”)
WEIGHT     220kg (485lbs)

 The Medicine Locker

WhatsApp Image 2021-11-05 at 3.26_edited.jpg

Our Medicine Locker is equipped with a full fit-out to suit medical requirements. The individual lockable drawers and foam infills create a safe travelling locker for veterinary needs. The Medicine Locker also comes with a built-in whiteboard and a document holder.

HEIGHT    1478mm (58”)
WIDTH      670mm (26.5”)
DEPTH       670mm (26.5”)
WEIGHT     95kg (209.5lbs)

Today, Flexi Equine is one of the leaders in the industry - and we wouldn’t be where we are today without the amazing work our team does every single day.

Contact us today to learn more and find which locker suits your equestrian style.

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