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Decades of experience has been combined to create what is regarded today as the World’s Elite Tack Lockers.

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Flexi Equine has a proud history in precision engineering. Our world class innovative design team and highly skilled craftsmen have been involved in many pioneering projects associated with the highest standard of engineering.

Our skilfully crafted Tack Lockers are the result of an in-depth design process and a detailed exploration with several leading riders of every aspect of functionality and performance, the result is; The World’s Elite Tack Locker.

We take pride in working with our clients to design and create the best locker for You.

We have supplied to over 25 countries and continue to expand our network of Global Clients.


Our Flexi Equine locker is a vital piece of equipment and we would be lost without it. They are fabulous trunks great storage space for inside the barn and for traveling


Our Research and Design team continues to innovate and welcome new challenges. We have recently added solar powered batteries to our options. Our customers' ideas and feedback are always encouraged and our mission is to enhance the riders experience.

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